Website for the world's leading manufacturer of sealing systems.

Roxtec is a company specialising in the development and manufacture of cable and pipe seals and their products exists in everything from skyscrapers in Dubai to oil platforms at sea. They wanted to target potential buyers, showing that their solution is the best – without having to send out localized how-to guides to every country they operate in.

The solution is a campaign site in which the user, just by scrolling, is part of a story about the value of using the patented seal – and see how it works in action.

The site is built around a video, which has been split up in over 500 frames and painted on a <canvas> element. To keep the file size down they are served in one of several dimensions depending on which resolution you browse in.

The high amount of frames leads to a lot of images to download for the user. To make the best possible experience, the first small batch of frames is preloaded before the site is usable, while the rest is downloading in the background – all while the site is fully functional.

Preview the site:

Made with Patrik Hjelm & Zacharias Legarth.